We have started this blog as a way to grow our community in a relaxed environment. We have the website, www.jadlamracingmodels.com which is all serious and about selling you product – but this blog is a way for us to connect with you on a more personal level, offering our advice and sharing the combined knowledge of our staff  and various influential figures throughout the Hobby Industry.

With our own knowledge and fantastic relationships throughout the industry we aim to bring you the following:

  • Great Product Reviews
  • News
  • Advice, “How To” & Buying Guides
  • Offers and Promotion
  • Your Model Builds, Layouts and anything that might inspire you!

If you have anything that you would like to add, or subjects you would like us to explore then please do reach out to us. You can pop us an email at support@jadlamracing.com and one our Fab team members will point you in the right direction.

I really hope you enjoy our Blog and find it genuinely useful or at least interesting. Come back soon and if you can, pop by jadlamracingmodels.com every so often and spend some money – it helps us pay the bills and keeps the blood running through the Hobby Industry.

Have a great day.

Russell Rowe.

By The Jadlam Guy

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One thought on “Welcome To Our Blog!”
  1. Can you explain why Scalextric choose the less famous liveries for their cars? Eg. Why is the XJS not in classic green TWR colours? Why can they produce the TF Sport AMR Vantages, but not the acid yellow factory cars? And where’s Mansell’s championship-winning car?

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