We’ve put together a selection of the basic tools we would have on hand when tackling any new model build, our list contains some household items alongside some more specific apparatus.


Modeling knife

Used for cutting, you can either get knives with safe retractable blades or fixed blades like a scalpel. Make sure you also get some spare blades to keep your knife sharp!

Poly cement

Poly cement glue sticks plastic parts, however do not use this on clear translucent parts as it will leave a cloudy finish. Try and get one with a fine applicator nozzle as this will allow you to be more precise, alternatively you can use a cocktail stick to apply the glue.

PVA Glue

PVA can be used to stick any clear plastic parts, or watered down can provide a basic semi-gloss finish.

Different Brushes

A good range of paintbrush sizes is very important for creating a high quality finish to your models, wide brushes for larger areas and very fine brushed for small intricate details. Make sure that if you’re using water based paints that the brushes have synthetic hair, not natural.


Very Fine filler can be used to fill in any cracks or panel gaps, specific model filler can also be used.


Sandpaper is great for getting rid of any moulding seams or joins from the plastic parts. Fine grain sand paper will create a smooth finish and coarser paper will remove more material and larger blemishes.

Masking Tape

Masking tape helps to get straight lines and separate different colours during painting. Model specific tape will be stronger and easier to work with. Masking tape can also be useful to hold together pieces during  a dry assembly.

Pegs + Clips

Pegs and clips are very useful for holding parts together whilst glue or paint dries.

Matt Varnish

Matt Varnish is used to remove any un-wanted shine and seal any decals or washes onto the plastic model, varnish can either be sprayed on or brushed onto models.


Tweezers help to hold small parts and give a higher degree of accuracy when assembling small fiddly components.


Scissors are useful in modelling for cutting out decals from larger decal sheets.

Decal Solution

Decal solution helps decals conform to the shape and lines of a model, alternatively drops of warm water can be used to help locate and apply decals.

Plastic Pots

Any plastic pots can be used as either mixing pallets for paints or just to keep components of your model contained and to hand. These can also be reused time and time again!

Paper Towels

Paper Towels are useful for absorbing any excess water when applying decals to your model or wiping and drying your brushes.

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