Model Rail Buying Guide

Creating your first model railway? Adding to your collection? Extending your railway? We’ve got you covered as we are one of the leading UK retailers for Hornby, stocking a huge range!



– One train controlled per controller.
– No option to control points/accessories remotely.
– Cheaper – great starting point if you’re on a tight budget.


Digital (known as DCC)

– Multiple trains per layout, all controlled individually by the digital controller.
– Points/accessories can be controlled remotely by adding digital decoders.
– Options to control it all via computer using the Railmaster software – Coaches with lights stay lit even when the train is stationary.
– Realistic train movement with each model able to be given levels of acceleration and deceleration settings.

Hornby DCC

The Hornby system differs from the conventional type of 12V controllers in as much that it is the individual locomotives that are controlled internally rather than the controlling of a locomotive’s speed and direction by varying the current to the track. The Hornby ‘Select’ and Hornby ‘Elite’ digital units when connected to the track pass not only a constant 15V AC voltage along the rails but also information signals to all locomotives and accessories that are on or are connected to the track.

Each locomotive that is DCC controlled must have internally fitted a small micro processor based receiver called a decoder.


DCC Controllers:


Select Controller –

the perfect way to enter the digital world of model railways. The Select is capable of having controllability of up to 60 locomotives and providing power is available, capable of running 10 of them at any one time. The Select can also operate 39 accessories including point motors when used with the R8247 Point / Accessory Decoder. The stylish design presents all the control features available from the Select at the operator’s finger tips. From the smooth operation of the rotary control to the large LCD display the Select is an ideal way to enter the digital World of model railways.


R8214 Elite Controller –

Twin control with press switch functions, 17 button keyboard, wide function LCD screen display and a 4 amp transformer plus the capabilities of registering 254 locomotive addresses as well as 255 accessory addresses, and that includes point control. Also there is a USB portal for linking to a computer and the internet! Ideal for any upgrade packages that become available.

Simple to understand, simple to use and designed for not only today but for the digital developments of tomorrow.


R8312 E-Link with Railmaster Software –

With ‘eLink’ and a ‘RailMaster’ installed onto a PC or laptop the following benefits over DCC are only a click away:
– Visual control of all locomotives – no need to remember loco numbers as they are all the on the PC screen.
– Change points with a simple click of the mouse.
– Active matrix style track layout for easy operation of points and accessories.
– Voice controlled enabled.
– Scale clock and timer.
– Smart phone compliant. Allows up to 8 Smart Phones or Tablets to be connected for remote control of the layout…and much, much more!

Sets And Layouts


We have a huge range of complete sets for every budget, view them all Here. Below is a summary of the different types of sets we have to offer.


Standard Hornby boxed sets.

– Prices range from £50-£200
– Complete sets and everything you need to get it running.
– Basic track layout supplied.
– Easy to add more track packs to at a later date.
– Great starting point if you’re on a tight budget.

Hornby boxed sets with added extras

 We supply bundle deals of the standard Hornby boxed sets with added extras.
– Prices range from £200-£300.
– Complete sets and everything you need to get it running.
– Additional track packs included to make a fuller set.
– Cost effective way of adding more to the standard boxed sets rather than adding the track packs on at a later date.


Jadlam “HL” Sets

Jadlam HL Train Sets offer fantastic value and an easy way to building an exciting and well designed track layout, see it as a head start into the Hobby of Model Railway Building.
– Prices range from £450 – £1,500.
– All brand new components directly from Hornby, you can be assured that you will be up and running smoothly in no time. We have been designing and supplying Railway sets for over 10 years.
– Supplied complete with everything you need to get it running.
– Exciting, impressive layouts and great value for money.
– HUGE layouts – some as big as 12ft x 6ft.