What are Slot Car braids?

The braid on slot cars allows electrical power to pass from the track rails, up through the braids and into the car to power the lights and motor. With regular use, the braid will eventually wear out and will need to be replaced, regular maintenance and care can see a braid last for the life of the car. To keep braids in good condition it’s important to keep them clean them with a small stiff brush, an old toothbrush does the job well.

How to replace braids

  1. Turn your slot car upside down with the front of the car away from you.
  2. Locate the braid plate with the braids attached to it and push this away from you, sliding towards the front of the car.
  3. Once loose pull the braid plate over the front of the guide plate.
  4. If you’re replacing both the braids and the braid plate then jump to step number 7 for re-assembly.
  5. To removed the braids from the braid plate unhook the wire braids and bend them out of the slots within the plate.
  6. To refit braids into the braid plate simply hook one end of the braid into the slot in the palate and bend the new braids through the grooves, folding them back on themselves so that they can make contact with the track.
  7. When refitting the braid plate ensure that the tail of the braids is facing the rear of the car as otherwise they will fold over during use.
  8. Place the braid plate onto the rear of the guide blade, pull the braid plate over the front of the guide blade, applying pressure towards the back of the car and click into position.

Would copper braids be better?

Scalextric use metal coated copper braids which are more durable than plain copper braids, the difference in power between the two is almost negligible for most people. Copper braids pick up and retain dirt more than plated metal braids, the dirt then causes bad electrical pick up, this means that without regular maintenance the advantage of Copper Braids is neutralised. To conclude metal coated copper braids are more reliable than plain copper braids and therefor more suitable for the home racer.

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