We can’t quite believe another Scalextric Delorean has come about quite so soon, but then again Scalextric wouldnt have a 35th Anniversary to help sell pre-orders next year!

So, here we have it – C4249 Scalextric Delorean “Back to the Future Part 2” – available to pre-order now for delivery in Spring 2021. Pre-Order Yours here

Following the mega success of the C4117, which was our quickest selling Slot car of all time (including the future), we’re sure this car will literally fly out of the door to sit on collectors shelves all over the world! We’ve not been given much information yet, but here is what we have and we hope you like it….










Here is what Scalextric have to say about it on their website:

Prepare to go Back to the Future in celebration of the film’s 35th anniversary with this new release of the most famous time machine to ever grace the screen! In Part II this time Inventor Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine is used to take Marty, the Doc and Jennifer into the future (2015). Whilst in the future, what was thought to be a simple mission starts to get complicated and to make things worse – Old Biff. When they learn that the menacing Biff had used this time machine for his own benefits.


I am not going to lie, like most people I have endured all of the films (generally half asleep on a Sunday evening) – I can not tell you the differences between the various cars off the top of my head. On the surface the car looks very similar to the C4117 launched back in March, but dig below the surface and you’ll find that it still looks very similar to the previous car 😉

Nonetheless, this is to be expected as the design of the car doesn’t really change a huge amount until the 3rd film where it picks up some funky whitewall wheels from 1955.

Here is the Video Scalextric used to promote the item to us earlier today.



Thanks for reading and don’t forget you can pre-order yours here:


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