If 2020 is remembered by anything it won’t be COVID or Brexit or Lockdown – it will be Hornby’s 2020 Range announcement!

There is no denying that Hornby Hobbies knocked it out of the park for 2020, a great selection of new products across all their brands and then the very successful Hornby Centenary Range!

With all that in mind we have told Hornby all year that they are going to have to go some to create the same buzz for 2021 – especially with all the logistical issues 2020 has created!

Anyway, what have they done? Admittedly its not quite as exciting (no big centenary banners or dozens of limited edition re-releases) – but still there are some gems within the 366 new products we’ve added to the website this morning.

Here are my highlights:

p.s all 366 new items are on the website, available to order – click here to go take a look.


Whilst strictly not the type of release most Railway enthusiasts will get excited about, Playtrains looks like a cool addition to the range. It’s very important that the hobby makes efforts to keep bringing new followers into the fold and this range looks set to do it.

It appears to be very Toy and aimed strictly at children, but there is enough to allow them to embark on their own Railway Journey!


iTraveller 6000.


Here we have a brand new “Train Set”, that comes with our brand new HM6000 App Circuit Control controller!

We’ll need to do more reading up on the exact specs of the controller before we say too much – but considering how well ARC (App Race Control) has gone down with Scalextric we’d assume it will be a great addition to the range.


Stephenson’s Rocket Train Pack

The rocket was released last year and was one of the hottest releases of the year – we couldnt get enough of them! Anyway, for 2021 Hornby have put together a lovely looking Train pack – Triple carriages and a Flat Bed!


4 & 6 Wheel Coaches

A whole host of new tooled 4/6 wheel coaches – standard versions and a version with lights. A ‘Maglight’ is included in the packs which appears to be a magnet that turns the lights on. There are 80 of these new coaches in total with most of them all in stock now!


BR Class 9F 2-10-0













3 lovely new tool loco’s, not due until October. 3 different loco’s, in the R3986, R3987 & R3988


LNER P2 2-8-2





3 more new tool loco’s, this time class P2. 3 different model R3983, R3984 & R3985.

Ruston 88DS Shunter

Another new tool, coming 4 different schemes. R3894, R3895, R3896 & R3897.










I could keep going all day adding to the list as I discover new products in the range, but considering there are over 350 new products I’ve got to draw a line somewhere.

We’ll look to delve deeper into them all over the next few days – but for now, feel free to jump on the website and have a look through yourself.

All 366 new products are currently listed and available for pre-order! Click to take look for yourself on our website

Thanks for reading.

By The Jadlam Guy

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